Common laboratory apparatus in chemistry?

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Beaker :
Beaker is a reservoir Dish where we can keep our Chemicals in liquid states so that these beaker can be used to test Different Salts .Basically the beaker is a reservoir of different Salts in liquid state
Test Tube : Test tubes can be used to Test Small Amount of Salts(Solutions/Reactants) so that they could not harm other salts and very small amount can be used to test these salts
Alcohol lamp: These lamps are used to heat the liquid solutions to get the head reaction results
Tripod: Word Generally Used to Refer to a three-legged object.
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Some example laboratory apparatus?

iron clamp, wire gauze, petri dish with cover, thermometer, tripod, beaker, measuring pipette, iron ring, funnel, watch glass, graduated cylinder, crucible tongs, vial, rubber… (MORE)

What laboratory apparatus does not have a meniscus?

A meniscus it the curve of a liquid when it adheres to the side of its container. Only glassware used for measuring volumes of liquids have a meniscus. The scale.

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