Consulta especialisada poos SISBEN Barranquilla sisben atlantico?

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yo Jose miguel barrios hernandez con cedula de ciudadania numero 72127537 espedida en ciudad de barranquilla quisiera saber si todabia me ecuetro en la base de datos del sisben grasias

Do yorkie poos shed a lot?

  They don't shed at all, because both Yorkie and poodle, are hypoallergenic, which means they don't shed

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Can yorkie poos use invisible fence?

Yes, any dog *can* use the invisible fences. However unless used correctly, they can be harmful.

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Are yorkie poos ugly?

I don' think they are. I have one and she is really cute. But everyone has a different opinion- If you're picking out a dog then just pick one that you really like.

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