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Where does Corbin Bleu live?

Los Angeles, CA   Corbin Bleu was born in Brooklyn, but he and his family later moved to Las Angeles.     he lived in Brooklyn,Ny!

How can you write to Corbin Bleu?

Hey guys don't beilive her shes liing I know corbin blue cosin , yah well online but still I know what she looks like. the girl before was liing

Who is Corbin Bleu?

Corbin Bleu is a famous singer and actor. He has starred in HSM, HSM2, HSM3, Jump In, Flight 29 Down, etc.

Is Corbin Bleu coming to Australia?

    i do want corbin bleu to come to Australia because that my dream and i want it to come true cause i have a crush on him!!! yes corbin bleu has to come to Adelaide

Was Corbin Bleu in Galaxy quest?

A pre-teen Corbin Bleu played the role of "Young Tommy", the younger version of Daryl 'Chill' Mitchell's character, with great relish and a really bad wig! In future, the answ