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What is object file?

In computer science, an object file is an organized collection of separate, named sequences of machine code.

What object must be created first when creating a database file?

To use the module, we need to create a connection object that  represents the database, it needs to have a username, password, and  host. Here are the steps to create a data

What is competency mapping and its objective?

  Competency mapping is a process through which one assesses and determines one's strengths as an individual worker and in some cases, as part of an organization. It gener

Why object files created?

 Object files are essential because one translation unit may be  dependent upon code in another translation unit. Indeed, it is  quite common for two translation units to
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How you could you be an object?

Technically, you are an object, everyone and everything is an object. The definition of object is: "A material thing that can be seen and touched." The whole world fits in thi

What is key character map file?

Character refers to the characters on your keyboard. Map is the way the computer sees the location of the keys and translates them into what character appears on your screen.

What is source file and Object file?

A "source file" holds the instructions for a program in text, e.g. computer commands like printf(). When the source file is processed by a computer language compiler object fi