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Could not create file mapping object?

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You've said that "all the roles I've played are personal to me because they all are pieces of me." How do you relate to Ghost?

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What are the constructors are used to create an object of the file class?

There are three constructors that can be used to create a File class. public File(String path). 'path' is basically the full pathname to the file in your current directory. pu (MORE)

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What is the difference between an executable file and object file?

  Both are binary files but the differences between those are:- 1) we can execute an executable file while we cannot execute an object file. 2) An object file is a file (MORE)

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What is source file and Object file?

A "source file" holds the instructions for a program in text, e.g. computer commands like printf(). When the source file is processed by a computer language compiler object fi (MORE)

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How do you access an object file?

These files are produced as the output of the compiler. They consist of function definitions in binary form, but they are not executable by themselves. Object files end in ".o (MORE)

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How do you make a ini file for a Bfme2 map?

I have just started to make map.ini files, but here's a link to a pretty good tutorial: Dgood luck!
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