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Who created Google Maps?

Google Maps was initially created and designed by two Danish  brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen at the Sydney,  Australia-based company  Where 2 Technologies, which was bou

How could you separate a mixture of iron filings and aluminum filings?

Iron is a ferrous material, and aluminum is non-ferrous. A magnet would separate the two materials as the iron would be attracted to the magnet while the aluminum filings woul

How do you file an objection to a motion for relief from stay?

The same way you file any court document. If you are not an attorney or other electronic filer, you must take the objection down to the clerk's office and offer it to a clerk

How are satellite maps created?

Satellite maps are created using photographs taken from the satellite in space. J&RJ&RDetailed photographs of land are taken from a satellite in space then fed back to a compu

Who created map projection?

That depends on the projection. Many projections are named after their author (Robinson, Mercator, etc.).

Do you agree if anyone can create map?

yes, i agree that you could. if you spent all day creating that map and worked hard and dedicated your time to it you could :)

Which could be a form of bias in a map?

When south is depicted as being toward the top of the map When road is labeled according to federal designation instead of by local names When average incomes are given as a s
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Could you fit a phylum into a file?

Well, litterally, no. A phylum is a group of species. So pretty much, it is a file.