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How do you critically appreciate a poem?

  The very first step in critical appreciation of a poem is that of determining whether you initially liked or disliked it and to what extent. This is not to say that furt (MORE)

What is the critical appreciation of the poem On Killing A Tree written by Gieve Patel?

The poem itself is modelled as a plant growing from the seed.The first line states" It takes much time to kill a tree." Then the process of growth of the tree is described .It (MORE)

If -poem by Rudyard Kipling critical appreciation?

The Title- As a word, If suggests the idea of conditional fulfillment, as reflected in the statement: If you work hard you will do well. That is exactly how the word is used (MORE)

What is the summary of keki n daruwalla scratching the tiger back poem?

Scratching the tiger back is a well-known poem by KEKI N DARUWALLA.The tiger is a wild animal and it is in fame for its ferocity.It is a fearful animal and makes us frightene (MORE)
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What is the summary of keki n daruwalla hi last message?

"The last message" is a poem by Keki N Daruwalla where the poet  describes his dream about a tiger who who predicts the future of  the earth without tigers.The tigers says t (MORE)