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Critical appreciation of poem gulzamans son written by keki daruwalla?


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What is the critical appreciation of the poem London by Blake?

22nd September 2000 A Critical appreciation of William Blake's London. William Blake who lived in the latter half of the eighteenth century and the early part of the nineteent (MORE)

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How do you critically appreciate a poem?

  The very first step in critical appreciation of a poem is that of determining whether you initially liked or disliked it and to what extent. This is not to say that furt (MORE)

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Why do you think the poet keki n daruwalla uses the word 'regrettably' for tiger in the poem of scratching the tiger's back?

The poet uses the word 'regrettably' for the tiger as the tiger is not always fierce and ready to attack. It has a gentler mood when it just likes to laze on the banks of a ri (MORE)

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What is the summary of keki n daruwalla scratching the tiger back poem?

Scratching the tiger back is a well-known poem by KEKI N DARUWALLA.The tiger is a wild animal and it is in fame for its ferocity.It is a fearful animal and makes us frightened (MORE)

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Critical appreciation of poem tintern abbey?

n the poem Tintern Abbey the poet has expressed his tender feeling towards nature. He has specially recollected his poetic idea of Tintern Abbey where he had gone first time i (MORE)

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If -poem by Rudyard Kipling critical appreciation?

The Title- As a word, If suggests the idea of conditional fulfillment, as reflected in the statement: If you work hard you will do well. That is exactly how the word is used (MORE)
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