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What is an OS?

It's the first letters of O perating S ystem and it's the main thinking brain of the computer. It's in charge of what the software does on the computer. Windows 7, Mac OS- (MORE)
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What is a OS?

Opperating System: is software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services Eg. Windows XP, Vista, Android, iOS...
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What does an OS do?

An Operating System allows your computer to run, accept inputs, provide outputs, etc. It is the foundation of your computer software. It provides you your desktop, computes da (MORE)

What is the net worth of daymond john?

Daymond John net worth can be found here : . Also, you can find it on his site: . I also found it in his book, Display of P (MORE)
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What type of bombs are refred as dirty bomb?

The term 'dirty' bomb - refers to a device that is contaminated  with either radiation or pathogens. When the device explodes, it  spreads the contamination over a wide area (MORE)