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Describe how proteins help get things in or out of the cell if those things don't naturally go across?

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What are those things mummies are put in?

The mummy is placed in a ceremonial coffin called a sarcophagus, which is then stored in a tomb. The most important tombs (such as those of the pharaohs) are enclosed inside o

How does cell division help maintain homeostasis in living things?

How does a broken bone heal?Cell division produces new healthy bone cells that replace the damaged cells.Similarly,cell division can replace aging cells and those that die fro
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What types of things do proteins do in cells?

Proteins perform a multitude of tasks in cells including acting as structural support, catalysis of chemical reactions (enzymes), molecule and ion transport, cell signaling, r
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What are those things oxen pull?

Oxen pull with yokes, they are a kind of wooden beam with two loops in so that two oxen can be hooked up at once. They usually pull ploughs or a wagon or cart while hooked up