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Describe the conditions along stationary front?

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Why do fronts become stationary?

  Fronts become stationary because the stationary front is like a stand-off between a cold front and a warm front. The warm front is trying to get on top of the warm front

Which direction does stationary fronts move?

Stationary fronts are stationary. They don't move. If they start moving in one direction, they then by definition become either a cold or warm front, because one of the air ma

How does a stationary front form?

a stationary front forms when the air masses have become modified  to the extent that they can no longer make any progress in one  direction. There is still a boundary betwe

What happens in a stationary front?

A cold air mass and a warm air mass meet, with neither moving. During a stationary front the weather will stay the same for several days or more than a week. It depends on wha

How does a stationary front develop?

A stationary front develops when a warm or cold front stops to  move. This is a state where two forces of air masses are pushing  each other without the ability of moving ea