Describe the process of heterodyning?

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What is a super heterodyne receiver?

A superheterodyne receiver is a Radio Frequency receiver method that multiplies the received signal frequency with a local oscillator frequency to get frequencies that are the sum and difference of the 2 frequencies. For example, if the received signal is 5MHz and the local oscillator frequency is 4 ( Full Answer )

Describe the process of DNA replication?

DNA replication occurs due to an enzyme. The DNA unzips, and theenzyme pieces together new parts to make each half its own full DNAstrand.

Describe the process of cell division?

There are 2 cell divisions, mitosis and meiosis Mitosis - Division of cell to form 2 identical daughter cells that are identical to the parent. Meiosis - Division of cell to form haploid cells(half the genetic information) There are 4 main phases, the S1, M, S2 and interphase. Interphase ( Full Answer )

Describe and enumerate the process in science?

As you ask us to enumerate a singular process or skill then the answer is 1 You will need to tell us which process or skill before a description can be given.

Describe the process of an earthquake?

The Earth can be compared to an apple - the Earth's crustin comparison to Earth is as thin as is the outer covering of an apple compared to an apple. It is made up of parts like a human skull and the float/buoy over the inner molten magma so the parts called tectonic plates can slide when the collid ( Full Answer )

Describe the processes of meiosis?

it starts out with interphase, which is where the cell grows, reproduces it genome into two sister chromatids, which attach into tetrads (4 connected chromosomes, two sets of each) and gets ready for meiosis. Meiosis is when the nucleus actually break aparts and it starts with prophase, where the mi ( Full Answer )

Describe the process of filtration in the kidney?

Due to the high pressure in the glomerulus, small molecules (Ex: water, salts, glucose, oxygen, amino acids, and urea) diffuse out of the capillaries into the renal capsule Thats all~!

How would you describe the process of evolution?

The process of evolution is in it's definition. Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms. Organisms are selected based on their reproductive success and this changes the alleles in the populations gene pool over time and this is the process of evoluti ( Full Answer )

Describe the process of endocytosis and exocytosis?

Endocytosis is when the cell membrane engulfs a particle and brings it into the cell, forming a vesicle. Exocytosis is when particles are expelled, usually from the Golgi apparatus forming vesicles and having it fuse with the surface of the cell.

Describe the process of photosynthesis and respiration?

The equation for respiration is: Glucose + Oxygen ---------> Carbon Dioxide + Water (+ Energy) The equation for photosynthesis is: Light Carbon Dioxide + Water ----------------> Glucose + Oxygen Energy So basically photosynthesis is the opposite of respiration and vise versa! :) I hope this has help ( Full Answer )

Describe process of DNA replication?

The double helix of the DNA unwinds. Then, the enzyme helicase'unzips' the DNA by breaking the hydrogen bonds. Then, the enzymeDNA Polymerase pairs each of the two strands with the correctnitrogenous bases. The top strand is called the 'leading strand'and the bottom strand is called the 'lagging str ( Full Answer )

Briefly describe the investment process?

A brief description of the investment process is that you allocatea specific sum of money and buy stocks, bonds, or other investmentoptions. You either make money or lose money depending on how yourchoices do in the market. Most people hire some type of investmentadviser.

Describe the process of DNA translation?

1.mRNA moves out of nucleus and into cytoplasm. 2.mRNA attaches to a ribosome. 3.Transfer RNA(tRNA) brings the correct amino acid to build up the protein. Anticodon (3 bases on tRNA) Matches us to codons on mRNA. 4.Protein(Chain of amino acids) detaches from tRNA and goes off to work in the ce ( Full Answer )

Describe two weathering processes?

1. Chemical Weathering: Where different chemicals such as acid rain react with soft stone such as chalk and dissolves it away causing weathering. 2. Biological Weathering : Where organisms such as trees have an effect of rocks due to their roots breaking away at them when they grow through the soil ( Full Answer )

Describe the processes of photosynthesis and chemosynthesis?

photosynthesis is the process of food-making for marine organisms and plants using light energy from the sun. chemosynthesis is where organisms don't depend on the sun and photosynthesis. chemosynthesis uses sulfur and nitrogen instead of the sun to produce food.

Describe the process by which the sun was formed?

All the matter in the solar system -- most of it hydrogen -- was floating around in space a bit over four and a half billion years ago as a cloud of mostly hydrogen gas (the lightest and by far most abundant element in the known universe). Gravity caused the matter to fall in on itself into a spinni ( Full Answer )

Describe The process of inspiration in humans?

im doing my sports studies and need some help! HELP!! lol x *** I'm doing this for Human Bio. According to what I found out, the process of inspiration is the removal of air form an external environment. The external intercostals contract and the inner ones relax while the ribcage ( Full Answer )

Describe the process of convection?

convection as you know is one of the three ways in which heat is transferred, the other two are conduction and radiation. there are two types of convection heat transfer, one being free convection which is ambient air molecules which are in contact with each other which transfer heat to neighboring ( Full Answer )

Describe the process by which a fungus feeds?

First, the fungus grows hyphae into the food source. Then digestive chemicals ooze from the hyphae into the food. The chemicals break the food down into small substances that can be absorbed by the hyphae.

Can you describe the process of the ozone depletion?

The ozone depletion process begins when CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances (ODS) are emitted into the atmosphere(1). Winds efficiently mix the troposphere and evenly distribute the gases. CFCs are extremely stable, and they do not dissolve in rain. After a period of several years, ODS molecul ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between heterodyning and superheterodyning?

When you combine signals of the same or different frequencies. The resulting energy will be each original frequency and the sum of the frequencies and a frequency that is the difference of the two signals. This is the basis of heterodyning. This allows us to take an information signal and "upconvert ( Full Answer )

Which of these best describe the process of chemosynthesis?

1. First, vents disperse hydrothermal fluids containing hydrogen sulfide into the deep ocean water. Next, microbes living around the vents consume this hydrogen sulfide, as well as carbon dioxide and oxygen. The microbes then get energy by breaking down the hydrogen sulfide. This energy is used to ( Full Answer )

Describe chewing in process of digestion?

Chewing breaks down food so that when it enters the stomach in small pieces, it has more surface area to be exposed to and broken down by enzymes. It also mixes food with saliva which contains other digestive enzymes.

How do you describe the blood-clotting process?

If we look inside the artery there is red blood cell which carries oxygen to all cells and organ. Also there are two type of cholesterol, LDL-c and HDL-c. LDL-c is bad cholesterol, because it can lead to clot the arteries. And HDL-c is good cholesterol, because it is believed that to help remove b ( Full Answer )

Can you describe the process of music publishing?

Music publishing ensures songwriters and composers receive paymentfor their commercially used music. Publishers have contracts withartists, print their music, and copyright it for 28 years, plus 14year renewal.

Describe the process of the judicial review?

To decide whether the preceding court correctly decided the case in accordance with law. The appellate court decides whether the preceding court's decisions correctly decided the law in accordance with the facts, whether there were serious errors, or whether the court did something wrong. If there a ( Full Answer )

Can you describe the process of digestion in humans?

The whole digestive system is around 12 meters long. In a healthy human adult this process can take between 24 and 72 hours. Food digestion physiology varies between individuals and upon other factors such as the characteristics of the food and size of the meal. [16] Phases of gastric secretion ( Full Answer )

Why is writing described as a process?

Because it is a process. You never stop growing as a writer, and you always find new things to edit and improve in your work..

Describe the process of cooking vegetables?

The process includes 1. Washing- washing/rinsing the vegetables in fresh water is to remove dirts and soil 2. Peeling- peel the skin of the veg like tubers including beets, potato, yam, carot, radish to avoid microbial contamination. 3.cutting- cut the vegetables in larger size. If you cut in small ( Full Answer )

How do you describe the voting process?

The voting process is fairly simple to describe, but thedescription may differ depending on which vote you are discussing.A classroom vote would entail everyone in the classroom voting yesor no on a topic, and the teacher counting their votes to decidewhich side was victorious.

How would you describe the process of meiosis-?

Meiosis is a process of reduction division in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell.