Did Africa have minor fighting compared to eourope in world war 1?

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Who was fighting who in World War 1?

Answer . \nah, a great question! i have forgotten my history and people i asked said germany. but wasn't that world war 2? so i looked it up. instead of pasting the infor,

Where did they fight in World War 1?

Answer . WWI was fought primarily in Europe, with the exception of northern Africa. It is called 'world war' because it was fought by nations across the globe on the battle

Why did they fight World War 1?

What is with stupid answers such as the ones that follow? WWI was a bunch of countries fighting to see who had more power. Answer John tut with bojito Answer John tu

What was the role of Minorities in World war 1?

Minorities got all of the bad jobs and some of them didn't even have jobs. it was hard for them because they also couldn't eat very much food because most of the food had to g

What can you compare World war 1 to?

you could compare it to ww2 ( compare the different ways of fighting and how much harder it would have been in ww1 compared to ww2)

What were they fighting about in World War 1?

There were a variety of causes of World War 1. These include theassassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, imperialism,nationalism, militarism, as well as alliances between co

Why were we fighting in World War 1?

The Germans and Hungarians fought us because we spilled milk. Yes.. The GREAT WAR of cookies 'n' milk. United Nations we stood. Eating lunch. We wanted Oreos and they wanted c

What were they fighting for in World War 1?

Nothing. Wars are useless since they are never the answer to any political problem: European powers were being @ssholes to each other thanks to the nationalistic feelings, and

What were the fighting conditions of the Vietnam war compared to World War 1?

World War I was mainly trench warfare. They had trenches on one side where the Allies were and trenches on the other side with the Germans. In between was no mans land which w

What was World War 1 fighting for?

The assasination of the Austrian heir to the throne led to Austria invading Serbia and Russia declaring war on Austria. Then Germany helped Austria while Britain and France de