Did Loki have any siblings?

His true siblings are Helblindi and Byleistr. Because of a deal struck between Odin and the Jotunn, Loki was raised as one of the Aesir and a son of Odin. Loki is actually a (MORE)

Does Vin Diesel have any siblings?

He has a twin brother named Paul, a younger brother named Tim, and a sister named Samantha. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on (MORE)

In 'Twilight' does Edward have any siblings?

Yes he does (im the biggest fan Eva) he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters but since theyre all adopted by Mr. Carlisle and Ms. Esme Cullen they date each other so Emmett and Rosali (MORE)
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Does Brittany Nicole have siblings?

Britt Nicole Does have a sibling and only one and his name is Bryn Waddell. When Britt Nicole was a child her parents got divorced at the age of seven .