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did louis braille have any kids
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Who was Louis Braille?

He was a blind person who invented a way for the blind to "read"using the sense of touch. Answer2:Louis Braille was born in 1809 in the village of Coupvrayin France, about 25

How old was Louis Braille when he invented Braille?

Louis Braille was twelve years old when he merely perfected the "Night writing" system that was invented by Charles Barbier in 1821. Barbier made this system for Napoleon so h

When did Louis Braille invent braille?

Louis Braille invented Braille when he was fifteen year old. Louis Braille invented his Braille system of raised-dot reading to assist the blind in 1821. Louis Braille invent

Why did Louis Braille invent braille?

Louis invented braille because he was blind at the age of three and needed to learn in school and he loked to read alot he wanted to lern more and he couldn't because he was b

How did Louis Braille invent braille?

With braille. :) Louis Braille was inspired in 1821 by former French Army captain, Charles Barbier de la Serre. Serre visited Braille's school to show his invention of night w

Why did Louis Braille create braille?

Louis Braille went to the Nation Institute for the Blind in Paris. They taught children to read by feeling raised letters. The institute had a limited amount of books on this

Where did Louis Braille get the idea for Braille?

Louis was attending a school for the blind and a French soldiercame in and showed him a system called 'night writing'. this wasbraille with 12 dots but it was unused because i

When did Louis Braille think of inventing Braille?

He had a terrible accident as a child that caused him to lose his sight. When he was older he fought for a way for the blind to be able to read through his progression of rais

Was Louis Braille a kid or a man when he invented braille?

Louise Braille was never a kid. A kid is a young goat. After a childhood accident he invented a tactile method of recognising the alphabet at around the age of 15. This was