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Did Obama own his own home when he ran for POUTS?

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Does Barack Obama own a TV?

Chances are that Barack Obama does have his own personal TV. Most Americans do. Especially as a politician, he should be keeping track of the news. On top of that, as a presid

When will have your own home?

When you are financially able to purchase one. In other words, if you are over 18 years of age. or, if you live in different parts of the world, it depends on what age you ar

Does Obama own a gun?

No on really knows for sure.You should look up if it is legal.That might help:)

Why should Obama have his own holiday?

As this is a "should" question, there are numerous viable answers. Answer 1 Obama represents one of the most obvious signs of the success of the Civil Rights Movement, the i

Do queens own their own home?

The Royal households- in the sense of say Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, belong to the state, they are Crown Property, yes, but not personal property. The Sovereign cou
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Did popes own their own homes?

There is nothing to prevent a pope from owning a home before he iselected. However, unless that home is in the Vatican, he will haveto abandon it when he becomes pope and move

Who owns Barack Obama?

First, this question is a bit problematic, given the history of slavery in this country and how black people were in fact owned as property. So I hope you are speaking in the