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What did George W. Bush do when he was president?

George W. Bush signed the "No Child Left Behind" bill, and invadedIraq but found no weapons of mass destruction. He invadedAfghanistan after the 9/11 attack.
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What did George W. Bush do as president?

His most telling action was his response to the attacks on the US by terrorists in 9/11/01. Eventually he sent American troops into Iraq and Afghanistan and began a preemptive (MORE)

What did George W Bush do as president?

Bush had an amazing voluminous presidency. *After the 9/11 attack he started a war in the middle east, toppling Saddam and bringing some thread of democracy to Iraq. However (MORE)

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Who was President George W. Bush?

George W. Bush (born July 6, 1946) was the 43rd President of the United States, and also former governor of the state of Texas. Bush served as Texas governor from 1995 to 2000 (MORE)

Was George Bush the head of the CIA?

Yes. George H.W. Bush (41st US President) was the 11th director ofthe CIA, for the last year of Gerald Ford's presidency, fromJanuary 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977. Three years (MORE)

Which presidents is George W. Bush related?

George W. Bush is related to a number of U.S. Presidents. Here's a  partial list:    George H. W. Bush (41st President) - Father   Franklin Pierce (14th President) (MORE)

Why did former US president George W. Bush authorize US interrogators to torture suspected terrorists?

It was not different procedure to what has gone on before. However, in reading further about interrogation, a skilled interrogator with fluent language skills and knowledge of (MORE)