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Did all children go to school in slavery?

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Did slave children go to school?

Most slave children were not able to go school, as they didn't need an education to work fields and machines, and school consumed a good portion of the day. If twins were born

How do children on a station go to school?

Children on stations in outback Australia attend school classes at home. They used to do classes over the radio which was called 'School of the Air.' I'm not sure if it is sti

Why children don't go to school?

There's no school near where they live, they might be barred from attending school, because they are women, or belong to a minority religion, or skin color. They are forced to

Do kenyan children go to school?

Yes of course they do....but I am almost sure they have to pay for education... they don't have to pay for primary school but it is unknown unless your kenyan wether of not yo

Do all children go to school in China?

  Yes, they do.   99.81% go to primary school at 7, and drop-outs 0.4% in primary school level. 97.34% go to secondary. drop out 1.87%. It is a must to go to school at

How do children in the outback go to school?

Each Australian state operates a correspondence school for families living in remote areas. They do the work at home and send it in to the school. Similar to being home-school

Why do children have to go to school?

Children have to go to school to get an education and to complement  the things they are being taught at home by their parents. Also the  parents need a break from their chi
In Norway

How do children go to school in Norway?

  You start school when you're six. You go to elementary school for seven years and leave when you 13.   Next you go to teenage school which is like junior high. That's