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Did all children go to school in slavery?

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Do all children go to school in Thailand?

Yes they do and the majority of children that do are quite intelligent. schools in Thailand are very strict and good for a child's learning skills and there ability of inte

Do all children go to school in Kenya?

  No, not all children go to school, for many different reasons.   Firstly, the parents might not be able to afford the costs of school. There may not be enough room fo

What are the Reasons for children to go to school?

    1.To learn how to understand how the system work's and the world:       2.To learn how to be the best writer:       3.To be the best artist, historic

Do all children go to school in China?

  Yes, they do.   99.81% go to primary school at 7, and drop-outs 0.4% in primary school level. 97.34% go to secondary. drop out 1.87%. It is a must to go to school at

Do all children go to school in Mexico?

Unfortunately, no. Of all Mexican children, approximately 97% attend primary school, meaning 3% of all children never get any education at all.

Did all children go to school in World War I?

Answer   Kids continued to attend school during World War 1. In countries that had compulsory education before the war, nearly all kids continued to go to school. In man

Do children have to go to school?

Yes. Most countries require by law a child between the ages of 6 and 16 (sometimes from age 5 and/or to age 15) to attend either formal education or a recognised substitute -