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Who is the inventor Lyda Newman?

She invented the hair brush she was also a great African American who stood up and made a chance for other African American

When was Lyda Newman born?

11 Sep 1788 in Boston, NELSON, KY. She died on 18 Apr 1820 in , NELSON, Kentucky. She was baptized into the LDS church SUBMITTED. This information is incorrect because her pa

Was lyda d newman a slave?

I think so i really dont know New York, New York did not have slavery at the time of her birth, therefore she was not a slave.

Who is Lyda O Newman and Lyda D Newman?

Lyda D. Newman is and African American lady who invented the first synthetic hairbrush the other hairbrushes were made of animal hair and as we know that would not get through

How did Lyda D Newman die?

We don't know the circumstances of Lyda D Newman's death. In fact, very little is known about the life of this black inventor. She was living in New York when she patented her