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Did most soviets believe Stalin was responsible?

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Who are all the Soviet leaders after Stalin?

The Soviet leaders after Stalin were: Georgy Malenkov (March 6 to March 13 1953) Nikita Khruschev (1953 - 1964) Leonid Brezhnev (1964 - 1982) Yuri Andropov (1982 - 1984

How did Stalin change the soviet economy?

He launched the first in a series of five-year plans to modernize agriculture and build new industries from the ground up.

Who do you believe was most responsible for world war 1 and why?

Serbia was the most responsible country for WW1, as the Serb assasin, Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand. This sparked the flame between the C

What did Stalin Believe in?

he believe in the ideas of the philosopher Karl Marx in the beginning, that the peasants had the right to own land and to have a say in the government. Later he changed some i
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Why did Stalin become the soviet leader?

Joseph Stalin became the Soviet leader through a process. He was given his initial power by Lenin at his death. However, Lenin wanted Leon Trotsky to rule the Soviet Union. St

What action did Stalin and the Soviet Union take in response to being 50-100 years behind other nations?

Stalin scrapped Lenin's New Economic Policy and replaced it with a series of Five Year Plans. They were designed to increase the industrial capacity of the Soviet Union to cat