Did most soviets believe Stalin was responsible?

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How did Stalin change the Soviet Union?

Stalin changed the Soviet Union because ; ; ; Strong resistance to Stalin's plans came from peasants , who responded by hoarding crops and killing livestock . However , thes

What did Stalin Believe in?

he believe in the ideas of the philosopher Karl Marx in the beginning, that the peasants had the right to own land and to have a say in the government. Later he changed some i

Why did Stalin become the soviet leader?

Joseph Stalin became the Soviet leader through a process. He was given his initial power by Lenin at his death. However, Lenin wanted Leon Trotsky to rule the Soviet Union. St

Was Stalin general for Soviet Union?

Stalin titled himself "Generalissimus" but was not a general in the regular army. He never served in the army whether it was under the Tsar or the Soviets, so he never rose to

What was the power in the Soviet Union with Stalin?

Communism was the type of government. The power was very high because Russia was one of two countries (the other being the united states) who survived world war 2 without extr