Did people really speak the way they did in Shakespeare's plays?

Yes, and no. Shakespeare uses many different styles of language, such as blank verse, rhyming couplets and ordinary "vernacular" language. He also varied the rhythms and (MORE)

Do people really speak Elizabethan English?

As brevity is the soul of wit, I will be brief. Yes. Some grammatical forms have changed and some of the vocabulary is different. But "Elizabethan English" is essentially "mod (MORE)

Do people really speak the way that do in shakespeares plays?

They do when they are acting in Shakespeare's plays. No, people did not ever go around speaking in blank verse all the time, not that all of Shakespeare's dialogue is in blan (MORE)
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Is the way people speak really important?

Well there are many views on that. The way you speak shows your personality. People who often speak correctly have better jobs. T.v and cinemas have taught us how to speak. B (MORE)

Did people really speak modern English in Shakespeare's plays?

Yes. Modern English as a language has been spoken since about 1500. It was the only language Shakespeare and his audiences spoke and is of course the same language we speak to (MORE)