Is Kelly Kelly dating Randy Orton?

Kelly Kelly was dating Randy Orton in about 2007 -2009, but then Randy called her a piece of worthless trash. He only used her for a championship match and from Undertaker. He (MORE)

Randy Orton and kelly kelly?

they had a one time thing in the past but on an episode of Monday Night Raw Randy Orton admitted to just using Kelly Kelly

Did Randy Orton use kelly kelly?

It was part of a Storyline Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly never dated he is married to Samantha Speno and they have a daughter together Alanna Marie orton .

Why did Randy Orton use kelly kelly?

as he is a mindless male who thinks he can do anyone, so he used kelly kelly to get another girl so he could have fun with her. Randy shouldn't have done that as kelly kelly i (MORE)