Who is Vivien Cord?

Vivien Bonnist Cord (1941 - ) was born in NY and grew up in Westchester County, NY. She attended Mamaroneck High School and San Antonio College in Texas. She opened a dance sc (MORE)

Who was Vivien Thomas?

Dr. Vivien Theodore Thomas was an African American animal surgeon and a surgical technician. He was known for developing blue baby syndrome treatment in 1940.

Were is westwood college?

Westwood College has the official address: 7350 North Broadway Denver, CO 80221-3653 Westwood College was originally known as the Denver Institute of Technology and was (MORE)

What product did Vivienne Westwood make?

Vivienne Westwood is a fashion designer so her products range from clothes to shoes and hats. she has 3 main labels- red label, gold label and anglomania. she is known as the (MORE)

Who is Ashley Westwood?

Ashley Westwood (born April 1, 1990 in Nantwich) is an Englishfootballer who, as of February 2014, plays for Aston Villa. Westwood began his career with Crewe Alexandra, for (MORE)