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When did Vivienne Westwood come famous?

Vivienne Westwood became famous in the 1970's and she was also a fan of the sex pistols she was into that punky kind of fashion and she became famous because she designed clot (MORE)
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What materials did Vivienne Westwood use?

Vivienne Westwood used many different materials for her outstanding and fashionable pieces such as crinoline, tartan from her Scottish theme, hard velvet and fluffy velvet and (MORE)
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Where did vivienne westwood get her ideas from?

Westwood took many influences from historic periods for example the Victorians. as for her punk range, she has been known to have the title, along with Malcolm Mclaren for s (MORE)

What product did Vivienne Westwood make?

Vivienne Westwood is a fashion designer so her products range from clothes to shoes and hats. she has 3 main labels- red label, gold label and anglomania. she is known as the (MORE)
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Who are vivienne westwoods parents?

her parents had died 5 years ago because they had Asama attacked and her dad breath cancer, it was so sad. so she lived own house
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How did vivienne westwood start in fashion?

Vivienne Westwood, born in 1941, was first recognized when she started making clothing for Malcolm MacLaren's boutique, 'SEX'. It is believed that her designs here shaped the (MORE)
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Where can a Vivienne Westwood bag be purchased?

A Vivienne Westwood bag can easily be purchased online. The best possible place to search for the subject bag would be on Amazon. They have a variety of almost anything.