Different types of web browsers?

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There are literally dozens of browsers that have existed since the "birth" of the internet. Not including mobile browsers (such as browsers found on some of the earlier cell phones), the list of major browsers that have existed are as follows: WorldWideWeb ViolaWWW Erwise MidasWWW MacWWW Mosiac Cello Lynx Arena AMosiac IBM WebExplorer Netscape Navigator SlipKnot MacWeb iBrowse Argo Minuet Internet Explorer OmniWeb UdiWWW WebRouser Grail Arachne Opera PowerBrowser Cyberdog Amaya AWeb Voyager iCab Mozilla Konqueror K-Meleon Galeon Phoenix Links Safari Epiphany Firefox AOL Explorer Maxthon Shiira SeaMonkey Camino Avant Sputnik Netsurf Flock Chrome These are in roughly chronological order, as presented by Wikipedia Other browsers have existed, but due to their low popularity were not included on this list. Low popularity, of course, is relative to the time era; WorldWideWeb never had as many users as Chrome does today, but was used by the majority of the Internet users in the world at the time it came out (as it was the first real web browser). In the real world, only a few browsers are considered serious contenders of the "market", as the rest are either obsolete, only fill a niche market, or have not yet gained popularity; the latter usually comes about because people are hesitant to "try" a new browser since their current browser has served their purpose for a significant length of time
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