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What are lenses?

They are curved transparent materials that make light rays come together or spread out.or a lens is a transparent material which has one or more surfaces curved for the purpos (MORE)
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Can you share canon lenses with all canon cameras?

The short answer is "Depends". The long answer is: From 1971 to 1987, Canon SLR bodies and lenses used the Canon FD mount.. In 1987, Canon introuduced the EOS SLR system. Al (MORE)

Do slr lenses fit all cameras?

Generally, no. Each manufacturer has proprietary mounts for their lenses and, for example, Nikon lenses will not fit a Canon and so on. There are aftermarket lenses made to fi (MORE)
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Will Canon lenses fit Sony?

The short answer is: No. Sony DSLRs take Minolta or the new Sony (Carl Zeiss) lenses. You may try your luck in the adapters fields. I'm not sure if there are any for the pa (MORE)