If your wife is in a Chapter 13 plan and is the borrower on the mortgage can the husband apply for a refinance loan to pay off the first mortgage?

Answer . Yes! The only thing is the chapter 13 will have to be discharged at closing. Depending on how long she has been in the bankruptcy, this may not be a big hassle. (MORE)

Does a co-borrower on a loan who isn't an owner of the property need to sign the mortgage as well?

No. A non-owner should NEVER sign a mortgage. A person who has no interest in the real estate should have no interest in promising to be responsible for the mortgage debt. If (MORE)

Can you apply for bank overdraft if your property is still under mortgage loan?

Yes. Overdraft protection is usually tied to your checking account and doesn't relate to a mortgage loan or even require that you own a home. In most cases you apply for overd (MORE)
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What if you want to change the property of a mortgage loan?

You need to discuss it with your lender. The present mortgage would need to be discharged and the new mortgage executed if the lender agrees. You need to discuss it with your (MORE)
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Should you sign a deed in lieu of foreclosure if your husband is the only one whoe signed the mortgage note and you live in a community state property?

You should consult with an attorney before you sign anything. The bank needs your signature to complete the foreclosure but you should have the mortgage reviewed before you si (MORE)
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Does the spouse have to sign the mortgage in PA-Hubby is the one on the mortgage but bank states wife has interest in property so she must sign. Does that mean she has to be a co-applicant?

Yes. If the husband and wife own the property then the wife must sign the mortgage in order to grant the lender the right to take possession of the property by foreclosure if (MORE)