Why do children look like their parents?

in the name of Allah the beneficient the merciful if the man comes before the woman the child would resemble him and if the woman comes before the man then the child will re (MORE)
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Why do monkeys feet look like their hands?

Monkeys for the most part spend their lives in trees, their bodies are designed to move freely among this kind of environment, their feet are longer with longer toes with more (MORE)

Do biological parents have the right to meet their children?

Yes and No depending on the circumstances... If the biological parent/s gave the child up for adoption then no they have no right to meet that child even when the child reac (MORE)
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Why children should not know who their biological parents are?

because some childrens parentsare bad people so some children dont want to know? . ^^^^^^^^^^^^. First of all, what do you know about adoptions and biological families. Who (MORE)

Do biological parents of adopted children have the right to know their children?

I am an adopted child- so hear me out. You lost the right to know them when you gave them up. I appreciate very much that people care enough to give their child a better life (MORE)

Can adopted children inherit from biological parents if no will?

The laws of your local area will determine whether or not you are an heir - normally adopted children cannot inherit from their birth parents unless they are in a will because (MORE)

Why monkeys feets look like hands?

So that they can grasp branches fruits etc. All primates but humans have graspy feet. Humans have evolved to walk up right requiring a major modification in the foot shape..