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Do cnidarians have electricity?

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Do cnidarians have antenna?

yes 2 pairs

What is the oldest cnidarian?

If you mean the longest-lived, gold corals and black corals can be  2000 to 4000 years old.

How do you pronounce cnidarians?

Ny-dare-ee-ah Ny-dare-ee-ahns

How do cnidarians breathe?

  They don't really breathe, they use diffusion to get the nutrients they need through their body walls. They use diffusion for respiration, excretion, and circulation.

What is an example of cnidarians?

Cnidarians, also known as coelenterates, are an extremely varied group of animals. Examples include sea anemones, hydras, jellyfish, corals, and the Portuguese Man of War.

What do the bodies of Cnidarians have?

They are polyps or medusas and have radial symmetry. They have a mouth/anus, tentacle, gastrovascular cavity, gastodermis, mesoglea, epidermis, and in polyps, a body/stalk.

What is cnidarians?

  This is straight from www.thefreedictionary.com, so I get no credit at all:   "Any of various invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria, characterized by a radiall

What is a Cnidarian?

cnidarians, such as jelly fish, sea anemones, hydra, and corals, have tentacles surrounding their mouth. they are a hollow-bodied animal with two celled layers that are organ

Are cnidarians coelomate?

Cnidarians are acoelomates... along with Porifera, Ctenophora, and Platyhementhes.

How do cnidarians get energy?

Like all animals; thru their food. They are filter feeders, if that helps. The water carries the little bits of food in their body along with the oxygen they need.

Is a cuttlefish a Cnidarian?

No. Rather, it belongs under Phylum Mollusca, and class Cephalopoda. A Cnidarian has nematodes and cnidocytes, which a cuttlefish does not have.

What makes an cnidarian an cnidarian?

  Circular,soft body,usually with tentacles; no segments.   Cnidarians include: jellyfish, sea anemones, coral animals.

What are cnidarians?

A cnidarian is an animal with stinging bristles, like a jellyfish,a portoguese manowar, and coral .

What is a cnidarians?

the phylum cnidaria consists of about 10,000 species which are mostly marine. the jellyfish and sea anemone belong to this phylum. there bodies are radially symectrical. they