Do cut worms eat basil?

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How can worms be controlled on basil?

Bacillus thuriengensis , horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, natural enemies, pruning, row covers, and sanitation are ways to control worms on basil. The worms most typica

Can rabbits eat basil?

Yes. It is an edible plant. The rabbit may not eat too much of it. It is a very strong herb but will not hurt the rabbit.

How do I get rid of Green worms in basil?

I am struggling with the same problem. So far I am resorting to carefully inspecting my plants (indoors in pots since it is November in Ohio) each day, but have found the worm

Worm removal in basil plant?

Very easy. 1. Take out all the worm first. Search under all leaves there might be some cocoon already developed as well.. 2. Cut all flowers. Dont let the flowers to bloom,

How do you store freshly cut basil?

Place your freshly cut basil stems in a glass of water, like flowers in a vase. Refrigerate until ready for use. It will last 5 to 7 days this way. If I have extra basil I

Can goldfish eat basil leaves?

I have fed both my Sarasa goldfish fresh basil on occasions and they seem to enjoy it alot. I feed them all sorts of fruit, veg and live foods to keep them healthy and happy.

Can a pet rabbit eat basil?

Yes, a rabbit can eat basil. Basil is a leafy green, an herb, and it's very healthy for rabbits to eat. Basil can be a staple in your rabbit's diet! Rabbits should eat some fr

Should flowers be cut from basil?

Yes, flowers should be cut from basil because once basil flower, they will start to die. This is selena22110 saying, yes it should be cutted if you want to harvest it still,