Do oil tampons prevent tearing during birth?

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Does a tampon prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg at all?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNO !! of course not ,, think about how it got there to start with,\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nno!!!! the sperm got there first... a tampon would just push it in further.\n. \n Answer \n. \nEven if you did for some reason choose to have sex with a tampon in, this w (MORE)

Should you use a tampon during a yeast infection? says it's fine to use them but to keep in mind they may soak up the suppositories that are used to treat it (such as Monistat). These are used at bedtime, so a pad at night and tampon during the day would be the idea.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant from pre-ejaculate fluid dripping on her vagina during her period with a tampon in while on birth control?

No. There is 0 chance. Pre ejaculate does not contain semen. That is a mis-nomer. Pre ejaculate only contains the left over sperm in the urethra that was not emptied out via urinating. If you urinated right before this, or after the last time you ejaculated then you are fine.. Also, she is on her p (MORE)

How can you remove or prevent tear stains on your dog?

Tear stains in dogs and cats are evidence of red yeast. This alsoholds true for stains elsewhere on the body that come into contactwith saliva, such as the "beard" or paws. The building block forthe red yeast is created by the naturally occurring bacteria in thetears consuming the oxidizing iron dep (MORE)

Can gypsy tears really prevent AIDS?

No, unfortunately. While there are certain things in life that are unexplainable gypsy tears is not known to prevent AIDS, but learning about sexually transmitted diseases before deciding to have a sexual relationship is a wise move. So: . use condoms when having sex . don't share need (MORE)

How can you prevent the pain and tearing in your eyes caused by wearing contacts?

Answer . If you have pain in your eyes from wearing contact lenses you should remove them immediately and make an appointment with your Optometrist.. You can avoid pain and irritation by doing the following:. Make sure that you are wearing the correct lens type- Contact lenses come in many dif (MORE)

What happens if you use a tampon during bleeding in miscarriage?

Ask every doctor, they will all strongly advise against it. A miscarriage is a pregnancy that your body rejected. The way your body rejects it you will vaginally bleed the rejected pregnancy. The blood that comes out is all sorts of bacteria. The reason why DON'T wear tampons during the bleeding pro (MORE)

How do you prevent your eyes from tearing when you slice onions?

No More Tears . Have a fan blow gently in your direction to disperse the onion-juice gases you're creating from cutting the onions. . You can rinse the onion with cool water after removing the outer layers. Alternatively, you can put the crust of a loaf of bread in your mouth while cutting the (MORE)

How can you prevent perineal tears?

Some say perineal massage is helpful, from 36 weeks onwards.. Slow delivery of the head etc is advised to prevent perineal rips, listen to your body and go slow and allow the head to emerge as god intended.. Epidural takers will not be able to be fully in control of the above and therefor should s (MORE)

How do you repair a tear on an oil canvas painting?

To repair a tear on an oil canvas painting do the repair from theback. Line up the threads in the tear and place a piece of fabricover top to hold in place. Cut a piece of canvas wider than thetear. Place a small amount of white craft glue on the back andplace the sheet of canvas over the tear.

How do repair tear in oil painting canvas?

I highly recommend Lynn Kershner, a oil painting restorer. She repaired on old portrait of my grandfather that had holes and chipped paint. When I saw the painting returned to its original state it brought tears to my eyes. Here is Lynn's website: . I'm looking for the (MORE)

If you wear a tampon will it prevent the smell of the blood?

Yes, as tampons keep flow within the body it means it doesn't hitthe air and thus there is no odour - although tampons do encouragebacterial growth so after tampon use (you need to alternate withpads as often as possible) or after menstruation odour can be farstronger. More hygienic internal options (MORE)

If you use a tampon does it tear the hymen?

It is possible for tampons to tear the hymen. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening - in mostcases this is a narrow band of tissue so doesn't cover much of thevaginal opening, and the hymen is flexible, thus it can allow smallitems like tampons through without tearing (many women's (MORE)

How do tears prevent disease?

Tears contain lysozymes, which are enzymes that are part of our natural defense to any pathogens that may be present. Lysozymes do what their name implies, they "lyse" any bacterial cells that may be on our face or around or eyes.

Will olive oil prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Everyone is different so it won't work for everyone. However, my mother has had 8 kids (including a set of twins!) and she does not have a single stretch mark on her body anywhere. This lady was so big when she was pregnant with the twins I remember she couldn't even bend over to tuck me in and kiss (MORE)

Can you use a tampon if you have breakthrough bleeding on the birth control pill?

No, you can't use tampons for breakthrough bleeding - only menstruation or withdrawal bleeds.. Tampons dry-out vaginal tissues causing ulceration that allows TSST-1 toxins responsible for Toxic Shock Syndrome access to your bloodstream, thus risking Toxic Shock Syndrome. Without sufficient flow thi (MORE)

Can you wear a tampon when you have a IUD birth control in you?

Yes, you can use tampons while you have an IUD. It's recommended not to use internal menstrual products such astampons or menstrual cups for the first month after getting the IUDinserted because that first month is the most likely time for theIUD to be expelled, and internal menstrual options may i (MORE)

Can you use a tampon during pregnancy?

NO. If you are pregnant, you are not menstruating and should have no reason to use a tampon. If you experience enough bleeding during pregnancy to warrant the use of a tampon or napkin, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

How do tears prevent pathogens?

Tears are secretions of lacrimal glands from the eyes which containan enzyme lysozyme, which is bactericidal and kills pathogenicbacteria by destroying the cell wall of bacteria.

Can a tampon tear the cervical lining?

Yes, it is possible for a tampon to tear or irritate the cervicallining. This is more common when using length-ways expandingtampons such as Playtex, rayon tampons such as Playtex, Tampax, orKotex, also more common in women who have short vaginal canals.

Does the hymen only tear during intercourse?

Any number of things can cause the hymen to tear, including sports, exercise, masturbation, horseback riding and other activities. Virginity is in your mind, not your vagina, and it's seriously overrated by society anyway.

Meaning of tearing of garment during shiva?

Tearing clothing isn't done during shiva, it's done during the funeral itself. This is a Jewish tradition and an expression of pain and sorrow. Please see the related link for a more detailed explanation.

Which enzyme in tears prevents infection?

Your tears contain the enzyme lysozyme. This enzyme acts by disrupting the cell-walls of gram-positive bacteria by digesting the peptidoglycan in them, thereby preventing infection. This enzyme is also found in your saliva and is an example of a non-specific immune response.

What were the weather conditions during the Trail of Tears?

for six long, bitter months in the winter of 1838-39 the 1,200 miles know trail of tears were cold which killed many of the Cherokee Indians marching across it. Also a lot of Cherokee Indians were dead, so the Indians were walking to the destination and Whites kept the land so the Indians do not ge (MORE)

Who were criminals during the Trail of Tears?

The United States Government and President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Although the Trail of Tears decision was made prior to President Andrew Jackson taking office, he is the one who carried out the removal of southeastern American Indians - basically, the Cherokee, but also included but (MORE)

Can you use tampons during a miscarage?

No, tampons should only ever be used during menstruation - even ifyour bleeding is heavy enough to warrant a tampon you won't knowhow heavy bleeding will be or for how long so there is risk ofusing too high an absorbency. Also during miscarriage risk ofinfection and PID is higher, given tampons nega (MORE)

Can stretching prevent muscles from micro-tears?

stretching cant prevent micro tears, but it can help in repairing them. for the bests results, do an aerobic activity first to get your blood flowing, then stretch to allow the blood to fill the micro tears. sourness is also caused by the swelling of the muscles caused by the micro tears. stretching (MORE)

What is the medical term meaning preventing tearing of the tissues as the child moved through the birth canal?

Are you asking about the name of the procedure the doctor performs to prevent tearing as the baby is born? If so it is called an episiotomy and the doctor makes a cut in the area to allow more room for the baby to be born so there will not be a tear which can be irregular causing more of a problem t (MORE)

How do you prevent leaks in school without using tampons?

Use menstrual cups. Cups are internal like tampons but safer so pose no health risks and as such can be worn for 12 hours with any flow and any time - thus no need to change at school or worry about carrying spares. Menstrual cups hold far more than tampons and pads combined, they also have light (MORE)

What are TAMPONS during menstruation?

Tampons are absorbent wads of material - rayon, cotton, naturalsponge, synthetic sponge, cloth - that are inserted into the vaginaduring menstruation to absorb menstrual flow in order to prevent itleaving the body. Tampons are one of several menstrual productsavailable to women, other options includ (MORE)

What was life like during the trail of tears?

life on the trail of tears was horrible there was no food , clothes for winter , and people were dieing because of deseases. the had a major chief the was John Ross he was really worry because his people were died. so he wrote a letter to the president. the letter was call "our hearts are sickned". (MORE)

Why would a woman use a tampon to swim after giving birth?

After giving birth women can experience bleeding, both directlyafter giving birth and for some time later due to irregularhormones. Although tampons shouldn't be worn during this timebecause without knowing how heavy her bleeding is going to be usingtampons increase risks of TSS.

What procedure is performed to prevent tearing of the tissues as the child moved through the birth canal?

Women who are in danger of tearing during child birth, receive what is known as an episiotomy. Women can easily tear during the process due to a large baby, a small birth canal and many other factors. However, the episiotomy is mostly performed in the West, and uncontrolled tearing is now ve (MORE)