Do oil tampons prevent tearing during birth?

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If you wear a tampon will it prevent the smell of the blood?

Yes, as tampons keep flow within the body it means it doesn't hitthe air and thus there is no odour - although tampons do encouragebacterial growth so after tampon use (you ne

If you use a tampon does it tear the hymen?

It is possible for tampons to tear the hymen. The hymen is tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening - in mostcases this is a narrow band of tissue so doesn't cover much of t

Will olive oil prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Everyone is different so it won't work for everyone. However, my mother has had 8 kids (including a set of twins!) and she does not have a single stretch mark on her body anyw

Can you use a tampon during pregnancy?

NO. If you are pregnant, you are not menstruating and should have no reason to use a tampon. If you experience enough bleeding during pregnancy to warrant the use of a tampon

Can a tampon tear the cervical lining?

Yes, it is possible for a tampon to tear or irritate the cervicallining. This is more common when using length-ways expandingtampons such as Playtex, rayon tampons such as Pla

Can you use tampons during a miscarage?

No, tampons should only ever be used during menstruation - even ifyour bleeding is heavy enough to warrant a tampon you won't knowhow heavy bleeding will be or for how long so

Can a tampon slip out during pregnancy?

A woman should NEVER use tampons when not menstruating - thus apregnant woman wouldn't be using tampons to begin with.
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What are TAMPONS during menstruation?

Tampons are absorbent wads of material - rayon, cotton, naturalsponge, synthetic sponge, cloth - that are inserted into the vaginaduring menstruation to absorb menstrual flow