Do onions have seeds?

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Not in the onion itself, but if an onion is left in the ground, it will send up a stalk from its center and a seed head will form at the top. You can sometimes see the start of this stalk inside onions that have been stored for a while.
The onion plant is capable of flowering and the flowers do produce seeds, but they are microscopic. Also farmers growing onions for sale never allow these flowers to develop. Only seed companies permit the onion flowers to develop and hand pollinate them for seed production.
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Where is the seed located on the onion?

The seeds of the onion are located on the dried flower stalk. When you plant onion "starts", and if you leave them in the ground long enough they will send up a flower stalk.

Where do onion seeds come from?

If you mean where do they grow on the plant, then they form on a seed head at the top of a stalk which grows up from the center of an onion (what you sometimes see beginning t

Do onions have a seed?

The part of the onion we eat is the root. The seeds are produced by flowers on top of the plant, just like most other plants.

Does onions have seeds?

Yes , the common onion ( Allium cepa ) is typically grown from seeds. Some onions however, such as the tree onion, are grown from bulbs.

Is an onion a seed?

An onion is a bulb that grows and produces seeds, which may be planted to grow more onions.

What is the seed for an onion?

Onions may be grown from seed (which are produced in a flower in the same way as most seeds are made) or, more commonly today, from sets started from seed the previous year. O

What is the seed depth for white onions?

Onions usually aren't planted from seeds but from sets. Onions have a multi year life cycle and won't make an edible bulb from seed right away. However, in the major onion g

Is onion a seed?

No the onion is a salad vegetable that is grown from an onion seed. The a seed foms a root which grows to form a bulb. Bulbs then will sprout green shoots which then flower a

Are onion seeds or spores?

The onion itself is a bulb, or root that grows underground. Theonion is a type of vegetation (plant) that spreads with seeds. Plants do not have spores. Spores are the version