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Do pediatricians work with other people or by yourself?

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How do you make yourself look good to other people?

You can't really make yourself look good apart from being yourself!! If its a boy or girl you wanna impress, like i said you just gotta be yourself and see if they like it rea

Do any pediatricians have to travel for work?

well, no. unless in some way you were to be apart of Doctors without Borders. Other wise no you wouldn't because you'd stay at your clinique or hospital.

How many hours do pediatricians work?

That depends how much the pediatrician wants to work. Some decide to work part time, either just a few hours a day or only a couple days a week, while others work very long

Do you prefer working with others or by yourself?

it depends, if there is a lot of work to be done in a short period of time then with others. only if i know they will get things done, if not then I'm better off by my self.

Where do pediatricians work?

Pediatritioans usually work in a hospital, clinic or private  practice.

Do pediatricians work with babies?

  Of course!! They work with infants from birth through about age 18.   yes

Where does a pediatrician work?

  Answer     Hospitals, clinics, schools, ect.

Do you work well by yourself or with others?

  Answer   A good answer to this would be "yes, both" unless you have a very clear, strong preference for one or the other. Most job situations are going to require

Why can't you hear yourself screaming in a dream when other people can?

The body releases chemicals which dull or nullify your response to some outer stimuli while you sleep, and they 'disconnect the line' between your body and your brain. This is

What is a work environment of a pediatrician?

The work environment of a pediatrician includes working with kids,  examining them, and prescribing medicine. This is usually done in a  clinic or doctorÕs office.