Is Lisa Robertson on QVC the top host?

QVC doesn't release sales figures for the hosts. In a report that the program on ABC "Nightline did titled "The ESPN of Home Shopping". They stated Lisa was one of the top hos (MORE)

Who are some past hosts on QVC?

I must be the world's biggest QVC geek because I remember watching it when our cable company only ran it for half a day, unlike now when it runs ALL day. I remember a tall gen (MORE)
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Who was the qvc host that died of cancer?

No known QVC host has died of cancer. However, Lisa Robertson (aQVC host) lost her mother Treva Robertson to ovarian cancer in thesummer of 2009. Lisa's mother was 71 one when (MORE)

Where is Shawn the qvc host?

Shawn Killinger is still a host on QVC. According to her Facebookpage, she is on at numerous times, including Isaac Mizrahi Mondaysat 10 p.m. Eastern time, Anything Goes Tuesd (MORE)