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Do seals have vaginas?

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What is a vagina?

The vagina (from Latin, literally "sheath" or "scabbard") is a  fibromuscular tubular tract leading from the cervix to the exterior  of the body in female placental mammals

Why do you have a vagina?

Women have a vagina so that they can have sexual intercourse and create a baby with a man. To do this, the man will insert his penis into the vagina and his sperm will be rele

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Where is the vagina?

The Vagina is a cylindrical organ of a female animal's body (from  women to cows to pigs to even birds) where conception occurs (where  the male deposits semen through ejacu

What does the SEAL stand for in Navy SEAL?

SEa Air Land that is what the name represents. These are the environments in which the SEALs operate.

Can a vagina seal re make after broke?

The hymen does not close the vagina and it does not break during  sex. The vagina wall can tear a bit, causing the blood, and this  heals, yes. But the vagina is never seale

How do you broke a girls vagina seal?

There isn't really any such thing as a "vaginal seal". Some women have a hymen, a thin membrane near the vaginal opening that sometimes seems like an obstacle. Normally it is

What do you do with a vagina?

Well there are plenty of things to "do" with it.   1)Have a guy stick his penis in there   2) Masturbate. Stick a banana, cucumber, lip gloss, mascara,  finger, hand,