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Do seals have vaginas?

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What are the Seals?

  Seals are endangered because people kill them for there fur and people are poluting the water.   For more answers questions or info please contact zpresious@gmail.com

What are seals?

Seals are aquatic mammals that belong to the Mammalian superfamily Pinnipedia. This makes them closely related to sea lions and walruses and much more distantly related to wha

How do you break seal of vagina?

There is no seal to break. The hymen stretches and sometimes bleed but usually not. After the sex it heals again (if it broke). To lose virginity you have to have vaginal inte

How do you broke a girls vagina seal?

There isn't really any such thing as a "vaginal seal". Some women have a hymen, a thin membrane near the vaginal opening that sometimes seems like an obstacle. Normally it is

How do you know women vagina seal has broken?

You don't. Not all women have a hymen to begin with. And unless you're a virgin you really haven't got any right to expect her to be. And if you're a virgin - well, better tha