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What are spider mites?

the are mites that feed on plants using a sucking mouth part causing a drop in quality of that plant and potentially killing it. They are a big problem for commercial crop gro (MORE)

How do you get rid of spider mites?

Encouraging black ladybug beetles ( Stethorus ), pruning damaged foliage, removing broad-leafed weeds and leaf litter, and treating leafy undersides with home-made or store-bo (MORE)
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How do you kill spider mite quick?

1/2 oz. Azamax, 50ml. diamond nector, 2ml. suck it up (penitrator) to 1ltr.water, spray 1 hr. before lights out, and repeat every 3rd. day, the leaves will love you for this m (MORE)

Which kinds of spider mites attack poinsettias?

The Lewis mite ( Eotetranychus lewisi ) and the two-spotted spider mite ( Tetranychus urticae ) are the two (2) kinds of spider mites that attack poinsettias ( Euphorbia p (MORE)