Do teeth have pores?

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What is pore?

A pore is a tiny opening in an organism or in tissue that allowsmicroscopic particles, liquids, etc. through. There are many poresin human skin.

How do you clean your pores?

It is very simply. Make the water boiled in pot. Put the pot on the table and put your head above it. Cover yourself and the pot with a towel.Make a home made sauna. It opens

What is a pore?

A pore is a tiny hole in your skin which water (sweat) passes through. If there is too much dirt there, they can get clogged, and that's when you get a zit.

What are enlarged pores?

Enlarged pores are pores that are unusually larger than normal. Some people have enlarged pores on their faces due to sun exposure, or oily skin. You can be born with these la

What is the adjective for pore?

The adjective form of the noun pore is porous . But it canalso be used metaphorically for a system that is similarly notretentive or secure (e.g. seeming to be full of holes,

How do you clean out your pores?

there are many ways you can so i will name a few you can go to a salon a get a facial that specialises in opening up your pores you can go to a drug stores and most drugstores
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Is pores blackheads?

Pores is not blackheads. There are actually two different way in curing both pores and blackheads. You can try out b.liv's "off with those heads" (blackheads sebum gel). It ca
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Do chickens have pores?

No. Chickens do not have pores. Chickens do not sweat and have no reason to have pores in the skin. When you see a plucked chicken or a piece of chicken meat with skin attache
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What is an example of a pore?

Each hair follicle grows out of a pore on the skin. A pore is so tiny that it is hard to see with the naked eye, but you can see the hairs growing from pores.