Do the mother and father have to alternate claiming the child each year on their tax returns if they have shared parental responsibility?

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Taxes and Shared Parental Responsibility No, it's however the parents agree at the time of separation. The court papers will indicate how it should be done.
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If you have shared parental responsibility of a child and the father just moved out of the country and left his child with the mother is that abandonment and did he just give up his rights?

Answer . \nNot necessarily, states have control over domestic issues. The laws of the state where the custody order was obtained determine what constitutes abandonment. If

Can the custodial parent claim both children and the earned income credit on their tax return if the non-custodial parent is behind on child support but usually you each claim one child?

Answer "Taxes w/ Children" . \nThe custodial Parent has the right to claim both children, but in your case if the NC parent is behind they will automatically take it from

What happens when both parents claim the same child in the same year on separate income tax returns?

this has happened to my husband for 10 years straight (as of this morning when we got our rejection email). If the second parent to claim the child e-files, they will get a

What parent should claim a child on tax returns?

You need to check your child custody order and state laws to determine who has the right to claim the child as a dependent. Some states allow the parent with physical custody
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Can a 17 year old claim their own child on their tax return even though they live with 17 yr olds parents?

If you earn more than $5,700 and contribute substantially to your own living expenses, you'll probably be able to claim your child as a dependent. This is because your parents
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What if there is no custodial parent and parents share custody evenly how do you determine who claims the child on their taxes?

You come to an agreement with each other; there is no form to sign. If you are amicable, you might give the credit to the one whose taxes most benefit. Form 8332 is if one of
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When the custody of the child is granted in the mother which parent has the right to claim the child as a tax deduction?

This issue is treated differently in different jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions provide that the custodial parent has the right to claim the child. In some cases it depends o