What is FaceTime on iPhone?

FaceTime allows you to communicate with family and friends face to face in a video call. You can communicate with others who have an IPhone,IPod,or IPad. FaceTime is free b (MORE)

Can you install FaceTime on your iPhone 4?

iPhone 4's (as well as iPod Touch 4th gens) should already have FaceTime installed on them. If the app is not showing up on your homescreen, go to Settings>FaceTime> and make (MORE)

How do you download FaceTime to iPhone 3gs?

You Cannot Download Facetime to the iPhone 3GS because of its lack of a front camera, apple will not give you that option. However, if you plan to upgrade to the 4s if your 2- (MORE)

How do you download FaceTime on the iPhone 4s?

There is no way that you can download FaceTime on the iPhone 4S. FaceTime comes already pre-installed on the iPhone 4S. You can turn on FaceTime by going to your "Settings" (MORE)