How do you get online on your Wii?

First you must have a WiFi connection in ur house. Next go to ur settings on ur Wii. Find the connection button on the menu. It will ask if ur Wii is connected to a router or (MORE)

How do you make your headphones louder?

You can either buy a new pair and look at the specifications and make sure their sensitivity is around 110 db, but the higher the better, or you can buy a headphone amplificat (MORE)

What can you do on the Wii online?

Search the internet like with a computer and play online with people around the world. BUT if you are using a wired connection it is much more complicated to hook up than wi-f (MORE)

How do you make headphones long lasting?

Buy better quality headphones... The Sennheiser HD280 or Shure E2C are great for life span and sound. I use both every day and the E2Cs on stage so they take a beating and (MORE)
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What company makes the qc3 headphones?

QC3 (QuietComfort) headphones are made by a company called Bose. These noise-cancelling headphones reduce the amount of noise around the listener for a more comfortable listen (MORE)