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I would like to run karoke from my laptop to the TV?

  First, you laptop has to have TV capability (was it set up for it when you purchased it?) If so, then you need to purchase a male-male SVGA cable (remember, the TV itse (MORE)

Wireless connection from iPhone to laptop?

Your options are buying wifi hotspot vouchers, buying a local sim, or roaming. But now the best way is by using a MiFi device which allows you to make your own personal portab (MORE)

Yes or no are skullcandy head phones better than the original ipod head phones?

No. Skull candies are a bunch of commercial bs. people like them cause of the apealing look. You can get cheap sony headphones that are just as good. My favorite are the sony (MORE)

What are better the Dre beat buds or the head phones?

In my opinion, the headphones as they look really smart and most feel really comfortable. Also, the studios have a mute button which I think is a brilliant idea. The headphone (MORE)