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Do we have such thingn as unchanging values in these changing times especially in the educational system of the Philippines?

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Biggest problem in the Philippine educational system?

Philippine Educational System Problems The modern Philippine educational system is filled with an assortment of problems. Many students are not learning much at all. Most st

What are the common problems of the Philippine Educational System?

1.our educational structural ladder 6+4+4, 6years in elemetary, 4 in secondary and typically 4 years in tertairy level to gain a bachelor's degree is not enough to suffice our

How did the Spaniards influence the educational system in the Philippines?

  SPANISH INFLUENCE ON THE PHILIPPINE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM Philippine education before the Spaniards came was informal and unstructured. Parents were the children's first t

What is the characteristics of the Philippine educational system?

A. Quality Education, That is, education that is of high academic standards (Article XIV section 3 (2) ) B. Affordable education, that is, financially within the reach not ju

What are the trends in Philippine educational system?

Philippines Higher Education System Higher education system of Philippines Higher education lies at the apex of the education system. The philosophy, mission, vision and goals

What is the educational system in the Philippines?

Education in the Philippines is based on American education. It is also a mixture of different education based on the capacity on the students but basically it is more on Amer