Do you have to pay money for the internet on the ipad2?

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Do you have to pay for Internet?

yes you have to pay for internet everything has to be paid for. - Or at least someone has to pay - if you have a laptop there are some places where you can get free wifi

Who pays for the Internet?

Anyone who is connected to the internet and pays there bills is paying for the internet you pay the isp who provide the connection to other isp's and web servers ect and they

Do you pay for internet on the iPhone if you are pay as you go?

If you have WiFi, which you have logged into (via Settings>WiFi), then you don't have to pay. But if you don't have WiFi/Broadband and are surfing the internet using a 3G sign

Can you pay with money if you order an item from the internet?

that depends on what website you buy from. you usually have to use a credit card or gift card. if you don't have a credit card, but have cash, go buy a gift card for the websi

Does using internet on pay as you go cost lots of money?

If $1 a day isn't expensive to you then no. But when you are paying for it for 1 year it adds up to $365 in one year. Your best bet is to buy a router for internet that includ
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Do you need wifi to use internet on ipad2 with wifi?

yes you do. the two main ways to get on the Internet with an iPad is 3G or wifi so if u don't have 3G you need to connect to wifi.(There's also 2G but I think you only use tha
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What can ipad2 do?

Alot it can take pictures and it has a brighter screen than an I pad it plays apps and you can look up anything I just got one if your thinking about getting one they rock.
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What can you do with an ipad2?

\n. well, threres lots of things you can do with an ipad2. exaples:download apps download movies download music download books, you can download as many of everything as you

Can a compture be locked by the FBI from the internet and then be unlocked by paying 100 through green dot money pak?

I have gotten the same thing on my computer so i read it very carefully and there are some grammatical errors and misspelled words. It seemed sort of fishy because you can buy