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Do you have to put something on the floor of a leopard gecko's tank?

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Can a leopard gecko's cage be put in front of a window?

  Well, a leopard gecko's tank/cage can be placed anywhere in a room, and as long as the window is not open, making the cage cold, it should be fine. Geko's need to tell w

Are there different kinds of leopard gecko's?

They have the same name, but their color might be different. The spots and striped might be at their tail, the whole body, or the head. Their skin colors can be yellow, pinkis

What is good floor for a leopard gecko tank?

Sand is not very good for the young leo's but i keep my baby on calci-sand.This is a type of sand that the geckos may eat.Reptile carpet is also a great choice for your gecko.

Do leopard gecko's need humiditye?

yes. geckos shed their skin a couple times a month and eat it. they need to have a hide with either moss (pet store) or a simple paper towel ( i use ) and mist it a couple tim