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Is boating insurance in Michigan no-fault?

Insurance laws and costs vary widely from place to place. Your Best source of information for your state would be localInsurance Agent.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Georgia?

Answer . Georgia does not require boat insurance. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If you find that you need an insurance policy you can get a quote

Is boat insurance mandatory in Michigan?

Insurance becomes mandatory in Michigan if the boat is equipped with a 50 horsepower and above engine.

Do you need to get a boat surveyed prior to obtaining insurance in PA?

Answer . Because insurance laws and costs vary state to state, you should call your agent.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Nevada?

Because insurance laws and costs vary state to state, you should call your agent. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If you find that you need an insurance policy you can get a quote

How expensive is boat insurance?

Answer . It depends on the boat. Length, HP, motor type, body of water, amount of coverage etc.

Do you need a license and insurance to ride a 230cc motocross bike in PA?

on the street, yes. in dirt no. as long as you can control it safely. it's up to the legal guardian/parents.

Do you need to insure a driver with a learners permit in PA?

Likely, contact your agent, your companies policy services dept or your states dept of insurance for clarity.

How does boat insurance work?

Depending on the coverage you want, boat insurance can give you liability coverage (like what you have for your car). But boat insurance is much more complicated. You can get coverage for towing, salvage, and personal property, there is also protection against uninsured boaters, weather damage, fire damage. You can (and should) get you motor covered.

Is boat insurance required in Louisiana?

Boat insurance is no required in the state of Louisiana,however if your boat is financed your finance company most likely will require proof of insurance. Its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads. If you find that you need an insurance policy you can get a quote

How can you do Trailer boat insurance?

Many insurance providers that specialize in boat insurance, can include trailer coverage in their boat insurance quote.

How can you have your boat insured in Delaware?

Best bet is just to call and ask your auto or home agent and if he does not provide the insurance he can surely give you a referral

Is auto insurance required in pa?

All vehicle owners with a registered vehicle in the state of PA are required to bind and maintain continuous auto insurance coverage as mandated by the state. PA financial responsibility laws require that drivers carry a minimum amount of liability coverage and Personal Injury Protection coverage. The state requires that drivers carry no less than $15,000 per accident and $30,000 per accident in Bodily Injury Coverage and $5,000 per occurrence in Property Damage. While not every state requires drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection, (PIP), PA does require drivers to carry this for their own protection. PIP coverage provides first party benefits and is a form of medical payments coverage that is paid regardless of fault to the policyholder and passengers. You must carry a minimum of $5000 of PIP coverage to satisfy state laws.

Is boat insurance required in california?

The state of California does not require you to have a boatinsurance but it is important to get the boat insured for your ownsake and safety in future.

Do boat lenders require insurance?

Yes, at the very least liability coverage, because they technically own the boat with you. Any damages that you inflict on someone's property or body they share responsibility for.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Tennessee?

As of June 30, 2009 the answer is no, and there is no credible effort underway to make insurance for boating mandatory. Registration and compliance with all other Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency regulations are required.

What if my insurance will not total my boat?

There's a really good online guide for boat insurance at There are a lot of general frequently asked questions about boat insurance and you can also get some good online quotes.

Where can I get non-owner boat insurance?

I'm not exactly sure how non-owner insurance works in general, but UMU has an online boat insurance guide that answers a ton of questions and you can a quote online. I posted link below for the free guide.

Do you need boat trailer insurance in NJ?

if you pulling a triler on a hyway and it breaks free who isresponcable for the damage the tralier may cause.

Is boat insurance required in Ohio?

No liability insurance is not mandatory for boating in Ohio, it is a good idea to have liability insurance to tide over troubles if you or someone operating your boat is involved in a boating accident.

Do you need a title insurance license in pa?

\nATLAS Settlement, LLC located in Pittsburgh PA assists with residential and commercial real estate title insurance and closing services. ATLAS Settlement offers the highest quality professional services with regards to all facets of your Real Estate transaction, from drafting instruments of conveyances and issuing the title insurance policies to full document preparation and representation from contract to closing. ATLAS Settlement LLC's website is

Can i have Boat insurance after a stroke?

I'm not sure about a stroke in particular, but UMU has a great general boat insurance guide at and you can get a quote online

Cost of Boat Insurance?

If you really want some good general information about boat insurance there is a really good guide at UMU can also give you really fast quotes online through their website if you just wanted to know about the cost.

Where can i get boat insurance after past claim?

No insurance for past claims, unless you had a policy during the time of loss that is now expired. Can sometimes be covered under a homeowners policy depending on the size of the boat.

Does a boat need to have insurance?

Not required, unless your finance company requires it. However, it is so cheap to insure it and worth the very small investment...$200-300 a year for peace of mind and someone not taking away your home if you seriously hurt them. These policies also include Towing and Boat removal which can be very expensive.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Montana?

No. It's not like everyone owns a boat there. Not many people own boats unless they have like a yacht or something.

What licenses insurance and or bonding is needed in PA to begin a repo business?

iIf you want to be a licensed repo business to deal with finance companies such as banks or credit agencies you will have to contact the Pennsylvania dept of banking they issue the license and have the requirements on the application and undergo a criminal background investigation also you will also have to check with the PA Dept of motor vehicles for tow truck plates and meet the requirements. If you want to do repos for a buy here pay here and they have an installment license you are not required to have a repo license. i would recommend that you carry general liability insurance of at least for $1,000,000.00 general and E&O per occurrence you can lower the coverage i would not go under $300,000 general

Can you go boating in PA with a NJ boating license?

I asked the same question to and this is what I got:. In most cases, states honor other state boating safety education certificates, if the certification is from a course that is approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). All of our courses are NASBLA-approved ( see ). The only exceptions I am aware of are PWC operation in Connecticut, and Utah. CT, and UT require their own course for PWC operators. If you already have a certificate from another state that is NASBLA-approved, you should review the boating laws of the state where you plan to boat before you go out. The NEW JERSEY State Police will honor any state issued NASBLA-approved boating license as long as the license bearer is a resident of the issuing state. Proof of residence (drivers license or photo id) is suggested. (Please see < > question #2).

Do you need insurance on a small boat?

If you have a loan, probably. No loan would mean no requirement. Common sense though would require it. Adding it to your home insurance or renters insurance would probably cost pennies.

Why do you need boats?

Imagine you are floting in the ocean.Without boats you will havenever known the united states of america exited.You would not knowto sail.Thats why you need boats.

Where to get Boat Insurance in Sacramento?

Maita Insurance is a Local Farmers Insurance Agency that has been in the Sacramento are since 1977. They are experienced with Boat Insurance and will give you an honest, quick quote with the coverages you need.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Ontario?

No. Source: I am an insurance broker and work in the marine department at my brokerage.

Does a 20 yr old son who NEVER drives a parents car need to be on the parents insurance in the state of pa?

Only the drivers need to be on the insurance, But it is good to have him on the insurance because if he gets a car and needs insurance, it will count toward experience and he will save a fortune in Money.

Is boat insurance required in Canada?

No. most insurance companies actually will put your boat on yourhouse insurance believe it or not. Some companies still put it onthe car but they are just trying to get more money out of you.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Missouri?

In Missouri, boat insurance is only mandatory if you have a loan on your vessel.

Do you have to insure a boat in Washington state?

No insurance is not required on boats in WA state as of today. My dad had a boat so I'm sure of this one. However it may make sense to insure a boat that is worth a substantial amount.

Can the boat dealer recommend insurance for the boat?

In my opinion I think some boat dealers can recommend insurance to the boat because they're boat dealers know about boats danger of boats and a lot of facts about boats. So yeah boats dealers can recommend insurance for boats you buy and have.

Does Erie insurance have a boat policy?

Yes, Erie Insurance offers boat policies. It covers comprehensive coverage that covers many types of losses and coverage for bodily injury caused to others such as swimmers, jet skiers or other boaters.

Does Allstate carry boat insurance?

Yes, they carry boat insurance as well as jet, ski or any other water craft you wish to have insured.

Does Allstate have boat insurance?

Allstate insurance insures all types of vehicles. They insure motorcycles, cars, RV's and even boats.

What insurance companies offer boat insurance?

There are many insurance companies that offer boat insurance. These include: gieco, progressive, allstate, globalmarine, state farm, nationwide.

Where can you get a cheap boat insurance quote?

One can get a cheap boat insurance quote by calling progressive, farmers, or state farm insurance. One can also visit any of their websites to receive a free boat insurance quote.

Does alliance insurance insure boats?

"Yes, the south Texas division of Alliance insurance offers recreation vehicle and boat insurance. You can contact an Agent for more information. The phone number is: Alliance Insurance Inc. Call an Agent 1-866-364-1461."

How much is Bass boat insurance?

The cost of Bass boat insurance depends on the type of boat you have, the age of the boat and where the boat will be docked. Prices range from $50 to $300 a month for boat insurance.

How comprehensive is progressive boat insurance?

Progressive offers comprehensive and collision boat insurance. Both insurance types cover collisions between boats and other objects. Comprehensive insurance gives additional protection and covers cases such as a boat fire or a stolen boat.

Where can one find insurance in PA?

There are lots of places where someone can find insurance in Pennsylvania. One of the places is Zander Insurance. They shop around all the leading insurance companies, and will find the best rate for you. They can be contacted at 800-356-4282.

Which companies offer boat insurance?

Some of the companies in Canada that offer boat insurance include Westland Insurance, Cowan Insurance Group, Hagerty Insurance, and Dolphin Insurance Services.

Where can one get cheap boat insurance?

Although boat insurance is not cheap, it is necessary. Companies that offer boat insurance for a reasonable rate include Progressive, Geico, and Nationwide.

What are the insurance rates for commercial boats?

Insurance rates depend on which insurance company you choose to do business with. When you decide which insurance company you want to insure your commercial boat, you fill out a quote for your particular coverage.

Where do I get cheap car insurance in PA?

A good starting point is to use the DMV homepage . It allows you to compare the car insurance policies. These companies are given by zip codes and you can compare the policies offered by the car insurance companies.