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Who is Alan Garcia Perez?

Alan Garcia Perez is the current president of Peru. His full name is Alan Gabriel Ludwig Garcia Perez. He went t school in Lima, the capital of Peru. He was born to a middle c (MORE)

Did Alan Shepherd have siblings?

There is no mentioning of Alan Shepard having siblings in anybiographical information. They only mention him and his parents,Renza Shepard and Captain Alan B. Shepard, Sr.

Does Alan sugar have any GCSEs?

Alan Sugar has only 1 gcse which is in English Lit I think. He got a C. He is the one telling teenagers that that they shouldn't panic about them and that there are so many ot (MORE)

Did Loki have any siblings?

His true siblings are Helblindi and Byleistr. Because of a deal struck between Odin and the Jotunn, Loki was raised as one of the Aesir and a son of Odin. Loki is actually a (MORE)
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What year was Alan Garcia Perez president?

He was first elected president in 1985. He ran for president in 2001, but lost to Alejandro Toledo. In 2006 he ran for president again, and was elected president.
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Does Alan Garcia have children?

Alan Garcia has four children with Pilar Nores: three daughters, Josefina, Gabriela del Pilar and Luciana Victoria and a son, Alan Raul Simon.

Did Alan Thicke have any daughters?

No. Alan Thicke (1947-2016) had 3 sons: - sons Brennan (born 1974) and Robin (born 1977) with Gloria Loring - son Carter (born 1997) with Gina Tolleson - he had no children wi (MORE)