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Digestion of food?

digestion of food starts in buccal cavity. saliva contain an enzyme "salivary amylase" or "phylin" which digest 30% carbohydrates into digestion takes place in pharyn (MORE)

What digests your food?

The human digestive system uses compounds that are both acids (saliva, stomach acid) and bases (pancreatic fluid, bile), and enzymes, to break down the food into simpler chemi (MORE)

Why does the digestive system have to digest the food?

The digestive system is the body system involved in the taking in and processing of food for use by body cells. The digestive system is made up of the digestive tract, which b (MORE)

What foods do you not digest?

Well theres cookie dough,theres many sweets you may not digest roughage such as sweetcorn and baked bean husks are not easily digested, but are useful to the digestive system (MORE)

Why does food to be digested?

To change food to a form that can be used by the body. Some  require more digestion, some less. 
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What foods you eat with Gerd?

A very bland diet, avoiding fatty foods: fried foods, rich sauces, desserts, snacks containing grease, condiments rich in fat, gravies.
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How does food digest?

For mammals (like people) food is broken apart mechanically by chewing. It the mixes with several different body fluids (starting with saliva) that will start digestion- chang (MORE)