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What foods or vitamins interfere with Ritalin?

Vitamin C should only be taken at night. As far as foods : avoid oranges, brocoli and tomatoes and tomato sauce. Drink a sip of milk or take supplemental magnesium a half hour (MORE)

What foods interfere with the absorption Levothyroxine?

  High fiber foods   Buckwheat (soba noodles) Cabbage Calcium-enriched foods (juices, cereals, etc.) Collards Fenugreek Flax, flaxseed, walnuts Garden cress (MORE)

Why does the digestive system have to digest the food?

The digestive system is the body system involved in the taking in and processing of food for use by body cells. The digestive system is made up of the digestive tract, which b (MORE)

What foods interfere with the absorption of methimazole?

I don't know, but people taking methimazole are told to reducetheir intake of foods that contain high levels of bacteria, such asraw milk, blue cheese and other cheeses with m (MORE)

What foods you eat with Gerd?

A very bland diet, avoiding fatty foods: fried foods, rich sauces, desserts, snacks containing grease, condiments rich in fat, gravies.
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