What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera in regards to taking a picture?

\na film camera and digital camera are completely different in many ways. a film camera uses a roll of film that must be developed in order for you to see how your picture cam (MORE)

How does a Digital camera take a picture?

Instead of the photos being on film, they are saved onto a memory card. This allows you to remove the card, print the photos you want, and re-use the card as much as you want. (MORE)

What is the difference between film camera and digital camera in regards to taking a picture?

It depends on the camera type. For inexpensive "point & shoot" cameras, the main difference is that a film camera takes the picture immediately when you press the button. On s (MORE)
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Will Canon Film Lenses Work On digital cameras?

All EF series lenses will work on any Canon EOS series SLR, digital or film. EF-S series lenses will NOT work on film SLRS or Full-Frame digital bodies (5D and 1 series). (MORE)
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Does the canon cameras have good quality?

Canon cameras are an excellent camera company. They have many different formats available, ranging from the digital format to manual cameras. Prices will also range dependent (MORE)

How do film cameras take a picture?

there taken like a normal camera HOW ELSE WOULD THEY BE TAKEN ? A real Answer: But very simplified The film in the camera is a strip of plastic coated with light sensitiv (MORE)