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Does a low level of salt in the water change optimal water conditions for the competitors?

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What is the pH level of salt water?

It depends on the chemical composition of the salt. If it is acidic or basic it will change the pH. The common salt (NaCl) is neutral in nature so it doesn't change the pH.

Low chlorine level in salt water syatem even when salt level is between 2900 - 3200?

Check the stabilzer   A pool can show low levels of chlorine if the cyanuric level is below 50 ppm parts per million. Cyanuric acid or conditioner is important to allow

How do you change salt water to drinking water?

You can use a purification system. you can put the saltwater in  a 2 literbottle and put a tube on top where the cap goes and you  attach another literbottle but on a higher

Can salt water be changed into freshed water?

Salt water can be converted to fresh water by freezing and removing the ice crystals, distillation or by reverse osmosis.

Why is salt water not a chemical change?

Salt dissolving in water is not a chemical change because the salt is merely broken into its component ions (Na+ and Cl-) but no new substance is formed.
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What causes the level of salt in the water to change?

when rainwater and runoff, as well as underground streams of water dissolve minerals in the rock or soil which includes salt, and reach the water body with a higher concentrat