If an individual plans to work to age 70 is it worth keeping disability insurance after age 62 if it only pays to age 65 or not less than 5 years?

Answer . \nIf you have adequate funds set aside to retire today or pay your monthly bills without continued income today than no, you don't need to keep it. Keep in mind (MORE)

Should a disability pension still continue even after age 65 when the disability is still there?

Saying the word "should" insinuates an opinion based question. There is an opinion portion to this, but more importantly is the factual portion. If I understand this question (MORE)

Do i have to file taxes if i am a disabled person over age 65?

Yes it is possible that you could meet the must file a income tax return requirement even when you are over age 65 and disabled. A self employed taxpayer would be required to (MORE)

Does long term disability stop at age 65?

It depends on the particular policy, so really the only way to know is to check with the insurance company that issued it or read the actual policy language itself. General (MORE)