Are photos of nude children illegal to have?

Pictures of nude children are only illegal to have if they fall under the description of the law as being child porn....There are laws governing exactly what is considered Chi (MORE)

Can you get arrested for looking at a nude photo?

Overall no, but there are some instances where it is possible. For instance, if you are viewing pics of child pornography, you are almost definitely doing something illegal. T (MORE)

Is it legal to see nude photos?

Depends on the country. Depends also on how you view the word 'nude'. Serious magazines such as 'The British Journal of Photography' sometimes carry pictures of unclothed peop (MORE)
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What type of magazines have nude photos?

The TYPE of magazines to include nude photos varies by the context. Things such as National Geographic contain "Nude" photo's but only pertaining to societies that it is cover (MORE)

Which celebrities have a nude photo?

There are huge numbers of celebrities that have nude photos posted online. Some of these post willingly for adult publications but many others are taken without permission an (MORE)