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Why are you hairy?

if you think of where the pubic hair is... u'll notice its right there on top of the clitoris. so when 2 ppl have sex and they have their pubic hair unshaved, it rubbs togethe (MORE)

What causes dry palms?

Winter weather is one cause of dry palms. Another is hot steamyshowers because it drys out all of the skins natural oils.
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What cause red spots on palm?

There could be a few different reasons for red spots on the palm ofthe hand including pregnancy, psoriasis, and arthritis. The bestway to know what the cause is for the red sp (MORE)
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What causes red blotchy palms?

The most common cause of red blotchy palms is that you have grippedsomething hard for a long time. It could also be a condition calledpalmar erythema, which is a sign of liver (MORE)

What causes callouses on the palms?

a callus is an especially toughened area of skin which has become relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation. it is a natural re (MORE)
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What causes palms to be black?

Black(or dark) palm is a sign that death is imminent. It could also be a reaction to a medication or foreign substance in your body.

Does a hairy face cause worse acne?

Yes as the hairs grow sometimes they can get stuck causing bacteria build-up. My boyfriend has a clear face normally but as his stubble starts growing back he gets a few small (MORE)