Does parsley grow back?

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Can I grow a parsley plant from dried parsley flakes?

No,the parsley that is dried comes from the leaves of the plant,but you need the seeds to grow new plants.The seed stalk comes up above the plant in an umbrella shape.Commercial parsley would never be allowed to grow to this stage anyway,so it would be impossible to grow new plants from any parsley ( Full Answer )

Do crickets grow their legs back?

From my expirience with crickets (growing up with 2 brothers and playing with inocent little insects) they live about 5 minutes after the hind legs are removed. i highly recommend not conducting an expiriment to prove me right or wrong; can you imagine how painful that must be? But it also depends o ( Full Answer )

How do you make eyelashes grow back?

I recently read in a magazine that rubbing a drop of sweet almond oil on your eyelids helps lashes grow faster, stronger, and thicker. You can purchase the oil at Whole Foods for $15.

How do lizards tails grow back?

a lizards tail can grow back because it can also reproduce asexually but also reproduce sexually as well so when it reproduces asexually it grows back another body part. and the part of the tail will produce another generation also known as regeneration

Can you grow your ear back from streching it?

If your streching your ears to a size gauge that is pretty small and you take out the plug your ears will eventually go back to normal. if your streching your ears to a size gauge that is pretty big like EX: 3/4 or an 1", and you take the plug out your ears will take a couple weeks for your ears to ( Full Answer )

Do snail's antennas grow back?

yes they do how do u think we get sky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. yes they do how do u think we get sky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can your tubes grow back?

No Your tubes cannot grow back .They might grow back evenlly but not together ................

Do dolphin teeth grow back?

No they don't. They have only one set of teeth in their life. Unlike humans that have two. Baby teeth and grown teeth.

How do crabs grow appendages back?

I dont know how but they can because they can regrow their shell and all that's inside of their shell is m mushy mussel and fat, so there are no bones that brake.

If you loose a molar does it grow back?

No. There are some very front molars that are considered baby teeth and will fall out when ready and then you will grow permanent molars there. Most back molars are the only ones you grow.

How long to grow parsley?

Around 2-3 weeks, or longer depending on how well watered and how much sun the pot gets.

Can the uterus grow back?

The answer is both yes and no. If only part of the uterus is removed there is the possibility that there may be some limited regeneration of the organ. In cases where the entire organ is removed such as when a hysterectomy when both the uterus and the cervix is removed it has completely removed the ( Full Answer )

Is there a rib that grows back?

All ribs have the potential to grow back if removed properly. There are common procedures which remove humps on ribs by cutting away a length of the rib, which will grow back into place within 2 to 3 months. The membrane which covers the rib must be left completely intact in order for this to happen ( Full Answer )

What does parsley do?

If you want to season the food you put parsley in it or it can be used as a finishing touch for a meal on top to make it look better.

Why does hair grow on my back back?

because of the excessive sweat discharge on your back and water's tendency to disperse heat, it is your body's best defense in keeping your body warm!

What is a parsley?

In simple words its a herb. Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ) is in the same family ( Apiaceae ) as parsnip, celery, dill, and carrots. The word "parsley" comes from the Latin petros selinon, meaning "rock celery."

Can finger tips grow back?

Depends on how much of it you lose, and how the wound is treated. If you lose something like half the nail, or even down to the cuticle, and the cut is left open, then something fairly functional and natural looking can grow back. But the further towards the joint, and particularly if the wound is s ( Full Answer )

Can chipped teeth grow back?

No, the way teeth are formed excludes any possibility of healing growth. A sufferer can consider white fillings or a complete tooth replacement (expensive). There is a natural way of fixing this: an adult tooth grows in place of the first one.

Does a rabbit's toenail grow back?

Clipped and/or torn nails will grow back, however, nails that are pulled out at the vets will probably not grow back. However No worries if this occurs just see your local vet Thankyou

What can you do so your finger grows back?

Not much really. Former Soviet did some experiments with weak electric impulses to stimulate growth. More recent US experiments have used something called "cellular matrix". But neither is generally available, so probably you will have to learn to do without. Sometimes, if you lose a thumb - which ( Full Answer )

Can beatles grow their legs back?

I don't think anyone's tried to find out. Most people can't. However, there are 450000 species of beetle, so far. I would think that some of them might be able to.

Do birth marks grow back?

No. You are born with them and they stay with you throughout your life. That is why they are called birth marks.

Do horse teeth grow back?

Horse teeth only grow back if the tooth that came out was a baby tooth or if they for some reason had an extra set of teeth (this is the same with people).

Why does moss keep growing back?

Moss is a shallow rooted plant that covers the ground, smothering grass and exhausting food reserves from the soil. It grows most actively in late fall and winter, especially during mild, wet weather with overcast skies. Moss spreads by a variety of methods. Most species produce small capsules a ( Full Answer )

Can Plants Grow back their leaves?

particulalry, yes, i think it depends of the plant, but most likely yeah they will. the leaves will grow back after a periode of time.

What do sharks grow back?

Sharks grow back their scales. Like a snake they shed their skin and then grow a new one. Sometimes they might eat it as it is good protein for them and other animals.

Which baby teeth can grow back?

All baby teeth are deciduous (they fall out) and do not grow back. However, after they fall out, they are typically replaced by the permanent "adult" teeth. Sometimes, though, the baby teeth don't fall out. And sometimes, the adult teeth don't grow in. But "normally" a child will lose all their t ( Full Answer )

Can a cancer grow in the back of you neck?

Yes. Cancer is normally a growth of cells that can be either benign or malignant. As these cells generally have abnormal groths and can be found in the skin, cancer can in fact be found anywhere on the body.

Does a bunny's tail grow back?

No. The tail is formed in the fetal rabbit and gets much larger as an adult, but it has no regenerative ability.

Can flesh tunnels grow back?

People say they grow back till 8mm. you can always get surgery, but that is really expensive..

Can your molars grow back?

yes.they can grow back if you are young and the molars is a baby tooth but in the very back it cant grow back but in the front it will grow back

Do mice grow tails back?

Absolutely not. They are like people in the fact that if they lose a body part it will not grow back.You must have been thinking of geckos and lizards

Do stretchers grow back?

Most of the Time stretchers do grow back, many people say if you go over 8mm you'll have them for life unless you have very expensive surgery, now back to the question, so if you are stretching your ear to 3,4mm it Is most defdently going to grow back, if your stretching to 5,6,7mm it's possible but ( Full Answer )

What can you use to grow your hair back?

i used dax hair grease on my hair and it take away some of my hair from the back what can i used to grow it back . the hairdresser use a product on my hair and some of my hair has broken off what can i use to grow back my hair all together

Will the meniscus grow back?

No, if your meniscus is torn a surgeon can remove the torn part with a laser but later in life you will need to have a knee replacement.

How do you grow wings on your back?

There are some answers on 43 things, there are some pretty good guides there. You can ask someone, perhaps, if they can make a custom spell for you. Otherwise, write one yourself. Good luck.

Do all teeth grow back?

Not necessarily. Teeth don't actually grow back, they are replaced with teeth that you already have growing beneath your gum. Therefore, if you do not have an 'adult' tooth under a baby tooth, it is possible that you would not get a replacement tooth. An Xray at a dentist can identify if an adult to ( Full Answer )

Do people grow back limbs?

No, do you really think if people could grow back limbs, there would be people who are missing limbs? Like someone in a wheelchair with missing legs? There are some animals (not mammals) that can grow back limbs though.

Do eye lashs grow back?

Individual eyelashes fall out all the time and they usually take about 4-8 weeks to grow back.

Can mice grow back legs?

"when they are babies they get their back legs with every other part of their body just like humans"... I think the question was, can mice grow their legs again if they lose them.

Do rabbit ears grow back?

If they are "cut off" they do not simply grow back. If you have the remains, a proper vet may be able to re-attach them. Lord forbid this happens.

Do gecko legs grow back?

Geckos have the ability to re generate their tails, but they cannot bring back a limb. A gecko with deformities can make a great house pet but i would not recommend breeding this animal as it can cause more stress considering its disability.

Does parsley grow fast?

yes it does usually in 20-40 days. It depends on how and where you plant it.

Where we will get parsley?

Parsley is a small, fine, green leafy herb that is regularly available in the produce section of grocery stores and supermarkets. It's frequently displayed next to a similar looking herb, cilantro (leaf coriander). Parsley is also marketed in a dried form in plastic containers that range in size fro ( Full Answer )